Whatever good things we build end up
building us


Pochē is a congregation of architects and interior designers working night and day to deliver spaces that are aesthetically pleasing works of art. Based in New Delhi, India, Pochē prides itself on having the opportunity to serve patrons in realising the journey of building their spaces with us. Having orchestrated numerous projects on their transformation from buildings to homes, each project has imbibed values and experiences which push us to strive for excellence each time.

At Pochē, we believe that aesthetic beauty should not only be confined to a lucky few, but rather be accessible to all as a necessity. Knowing this, we simply work as the hands for those who envision living in aesthetic, tasteful spaces to enhance their sense of being- in a way that the journey they undertake is one to cherish.


We believe that aesthetic, well designed spaces are not a luxury, but a necessity- for the main purpose of design is to give shape to experiences.
All spaces, irrespective of their size, should appeal to the senses and impart emotions while at the same time address their functions. 

With design sensibilities derived from the natural habitat, Pochē is known for simple, elegant yet timeless designs.
Given the challenging environment of our field, we break all odds and strive to deliver on-time and within budget completion.

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Architectural design

Planning services for projects encompassing design development, construction drawings and coordination to essentially form the shell or structure of the house. Entails attention to specific needs and function to neccesitate creation of functional floor layout plans, and conclusively, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

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interior design

Design and planning services for the interiors to convert the structure into a home. Services include extensive detailing of all aspects of design from space planning, layouts, furniture, colour and upholstery selections, lighting design and material selection.

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styling & curation

Tailored service for existing homes, for functional and aesthetic upgrades. The service blends the selections of elemental basics, essentially furniture, rugs, upholsteries, decor and artwork, with a strong emphasis on reflecting personal styles and personalities.


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Preview of ongoing and delivered projects, designed as timeless and elegant spatial experiences